SPX 15 Rockerflex Race Bindings

Look SPX 15 Rockerflex Race Bindings

Model # FCHA024
Racer Pricing Available

The SPX 15 ROCKERFLEX is an elite-level, competition race binding with an 8-15 indicator range and 80mm brake. The new SPX ROCKERFLEX features a smaller mounting zone and partially suspended heelpiece, allowing enhanced ski flex and control. Combined with our reinforced Pivot toe, the SPX Rockerflex delivers the industry's strongest coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface) for maximum power transmission, precision, and control. Featuring the longest elastic travel on the market, SPX bindings also provide superior shock absorption, reducing unwanted pre-release for dependable, trustworthy alpine performance. And with a substantial reduction in weight, reduced ramp angles for a more neutral, upright stance, and improved step-in/step-out functionality, the SPX offers less fatiguing, more user-friendly alpine performance. The race-specific Rockerflex bridge neutralizes pressure between toe and heel, delivering the most natural ski flex.
The SPX 15 ROCKERFLEX is designed for use with R21 WC and R21 Racing plates.


180 degrees multi-directional release capabilities
40mm lateral travel / 72mm AFD
Pivot Toes
SPX Heel
Teflon racing MFX Glider


DIN: 8-15
Weight: 1330 g
Height interface: 18 mm
Heel vertical ela: 25 mm
Brake: Race / 64-80 mm