Blade Skis - 2021

Line Blade Skis - 2021

Model # A2003015

The Line Blade designed to carve like nothing you've ever skied before, it'll allow you to rip up the entire mountain with ease.  Featuring a versatile 95mm waist width, and a massive shovel, the Blade's turning radius can only be described as one thing, tight.  An aggressive and agile shape allows the Blade to harness unmatched power and energy, and transfer it into every turn.  Cut, slash, and burn, the Blade and Blade W will reignite the euphoria of the turn, leave only deep cut trenches in its wake, and a sh*t eating grin on your face.


Aspen Wood Core
Gas Pedal Metal Laminate
Full Sidewall


Sidecut: 154/95/124
Radius: 15m
Lengths:  176, 181 cm

We recommend: Marker Griffon Binding, Tyrolia Attack 13 Binding, Look SPX 12, Armada STH 13