Freeflex Evo 14 Race Bindings

Head Freeflex Evo 14 Race Bindings

Model # 100735
Racer Pricing Available

Designed for expert speedsters the Freeflex EVO 14 race binding delivers a fast, reactive ride, premium safety and a natural ski flex. The binding’s RX Toe with improved aerodynamics, full diagonal release function and the ABS – Anti Blocking System - for reduced friction - allow a ski to flex more naturally, while providing horizontal and diagonal 180° boot release and a centred hold. These bindings combine safety, stability and deliver high-end performance to racers the world over.


RX Toe with TRP System
Full Diagonal
ABS - Anti Blocking System
D-RX (Diagonal) Heel


DIN 4-14
Stand Height: 21mm
Weight Range: >92lbs
White-Neon Yellow-Black
Weight: 2340g