Laser WRT SL FIS Skis - 2022

Stockli Laser WRT SL FIS Skis - 2022

Model # 41011123

The Stockli Laser SL FIS lives to cross the finish line with you with the green and just loves being in the hunt for medals. It prefers short, fast turns, and high speed are truly its focus. Gain the edge of this slalom pro’s super quick edge change ability and its first-class power transfer. In addition, it offers total stability and smooth, chatter-free runs thanks to its full-length racing edges. We would dare to say that this ski only has one thing in its sights: personal bests.


Vario Race Technology
Sandwich Sidewall Technology
Size Optomized Construction
3.0 Top Sheet Structure
Full Edge Contact
Solid Metal Edge (SME)


Radius: 12.2m @ 155 cm
            12.4m @ 165 cm
Lengths: 150 Jr, 155, 165 cm