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Boot Fitting

We believe a great ski experience starts with the right boot and the right fit. We have multiple Master Boot Fitters on staff in Lincoln, Waterville Valley, Bartlett and Bethel, Maine, as well as our Pedorthist, Adam Greenier. Give us a call or stop in for the best fitting boots you've ever owned. We guarantee it.

Custom Boot Services including insoles:  priced by quote

Standard Boot Fitting included with boot purchase:  $60/hour without purchase

Boot Fitting is available at all of our store locations.

Please see the article below by Jeff Warren, General Manager, on the importance of a correct boot fit.



Sizing and Fitting Of Recreational Ski Boots

Jeff Warren, General Manager


Sizing of boots is extremely confusing to most people. Most boot companies now size their boots using the Mondopoint sizing system. The concept behind the Mondopoint system is to have a uniform sizing system that would be universal, where there were several different systems including US, European, sizing. A simple conversion method for you to change Mondopoint to US sizing is to take the numbers to the left of the decimal point and add them together; the number to the right tells you if it is a half size. Example: Mondopoint 27.5 would convert to 2 + 7 = 9, .5 = 1/2 - The result is 9 1/2. If the mondopoint size is 30 or greater to start with, add 9 to the final size. Example - 31.0 converts to 4, 4 + 9 = 13. This gives sizes in men's US sizes. To convert the size to ladies you would add 1 to the whole US size. Example - Mondopoint 27.5 would be Ladies 10.5 because there is roughly one size difference between Men's and Ladies sizes.

First test your boots with appropriate socks. You should use a ski sock, they come in various thickness which is a personal preference...two pair of socks are not recommended.

To determine if the shell is the proper size, remove the liner from shell. Place your foot in the empty shell and slide your foot forward till your big toe is touching the end of shell. You should be able to place 1 to 1 1/2 fingers behind your heel and the shell. This is the proper shell size.

Next place your foot in the boot and buckle the boot lightly. Flex forward in the boot, by this I mean making the boot bend by flexing at the knees causing the upper cuff of the boot to bend forward, you should feel pressure on your shin while doing this. This will force your heel back into the heel pocket where it will be when you are skiing. Do this several times to insure you are completely in heel pocket.

A ski boot should hold the foot firmly and snugly but comfortably. This new fit is the tightest the boots will ever be! Toes should be at the end of the boot especially when foot is first placed in boot. Your heel should have a snug fit in the "Heel Pocket" with minimal lift when boot is flexed. Now stand in the boots as upright as possible and your toes should be brushing the end of boot. When you flex forward and hold that position, your toes should move off of the end, this is the proper fit.

Don't buy boots too big - they will cause you pain and possibly injury as well as spoil your skiing experience.