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Race Services

World Class Tuning featuring the newest state of the art Winstersteiger Mercury tuning machine.

Race Prep Services

Gold Prep $129 Race Grind, Shape, Bevels Set & Hand Polished, Sidewall Plane, World Cup Base Structure, Race Wax Saturation, Scrape & Brush
Bronze Prep $79 Bevels Set & Hand Polished, Race Wax Saturation, Scrape & Brush
Race Day Prep $ 49 Side Edge Sharpened and Polished, Race Wax, Scrape and Brush
Race Grind $ 60 Grind Only
Race Touch Up $ 40 Diamond Stone, Race Wax, Scrape and Brush
Race Wax $ 35 Race Wax Only
Infrared Wax $ 20 Add On Wax Only
Family Care $2000 Seasonal Maintenance Family per Luke some exclusions may apply
4 Pair Care $1500 Seasonal Maintenance 4 pair some exclusions may apply
1 Pair Care $499 Seasonal Maintenance 1 pair


Race Prep and Mounting

Gold Prep w/mount $149  
Race Binding Mount $ 50  
Race Plate Mount $ 30  
Race Binding ReMount $ 60  
Race General Labor $ 60  per hour
 Race Plate Mount $ 30